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I am back on News Radio 1020 - KDKA with features and "Home Movies" at 5:20 PM, 9:20 PM, and 4:20 AM.

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Jack Bogut

Jack Bogut Inducted Into The Broadcasters Hall of Fame

"The purpose of the Broadcasters Hall of Fame is to memorialize the Golden Age of broadcasting and to promote furtherance of the art of broadcasting. This encompasses recognizing and honoring those persons who have made notable contributions to the broadcasting industry."

"To be eligible for induction into the Broadcasters Hall of Fame, the candidate (living deceased, retired or active) must have made a significant contribution to the radio or television industry as a performer, station owner, manager, producer or other distinguished personnel." (From their website – broadcastershalloffame.com)

Jack was inducted on November 6, 2011.

He has also received two nominations to The National Radio Hall of Fame and Museum in Chicago.


As host of the morning show for over 15 years on KDKA radio in Pittsburgh, Jack was featured on ABC TV's Good Morning America and in USA TODAY as one of the top 5 highest rated morning personalities in the nation, attaining the rank of # 2 in the country in the mid-1970's. Later, while he was on WJAS in Pittsburgh, that station was the # 1 highest rated Nostalgia radio station in America.

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“WORD PAINTER” – This newest collection of mental artwork and images ranges from funny to poignant to curious to just plain outrageous! So find a comfortable chair or stretch out on the couch or buckle in for a ride in the car and let the word-painting begin.

"MENTAL MOVIES (from the Back-Booth Gang at Big Sky Café)" – 75 minutes of humor and sentiment is waiting to be shown on that big screen in the back of your mind.

“BIG SKY CAFÉ” – Stories about a place we all know, even if we’ve never really been there. With Jack’s voice over original background music composed and performed by Vito DiSalvo, each tale becomes a “Mental Movie” that literally comes to life as you listen. Here is a CD you’ll want to share with others and enjoy over and over."

"PAST PRESENT ACCOUNTED FOR" - This is a Christmas story about six young people who got caught up in some events that seemed accidental at the time, a little baffling after they thought about and discussed them, and profoundly generous when they finally understood what a gift they had been given. Chances are very good there is a part of you somewhere in this story.

"THE JOYS OF GROWING UP ITALIAN" - A wonderful story about family and traditions and friends and change and remembering who and where we came from. This story has been posted with photos online and received thousands of hits. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrkOwTKoaLs

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Jack Bogut is an accomplished keynote speaker much in demand for groups both large and small. He has been described by those who have heard him as:

“A magical storyteller.”

“A magical mix of humor, wit and heart...”

“He touches that common thread...”

“His stories can move you to laughter or tears - or both!”

Please go to the Speaking link on this page to learn more about his three keynote presentations.


Big Sky Café (& Other Schools I’ve Attended) The Book – This is a collection of stories about growing up in Montana and observing the human condition in most of its forms by hanging out in a local gathering place - Big Sky Cafe. To Quote from the title story: “We are all bound together by a common denominator, that sometimes sticky glue of human experience that we thought happened only to us. It's a joy to find that these moments of personal triumph or turmoil happened to everybody, in one way or another. And it's the ‘one way or another’ that makes for a good story.” So, find a comfortable chair, sit back and enjoy. There are treasures in your mental attic you have either misplaced or haven’t examined in a long, long time. They’re in this book.

This book is currently out of print. Watch “News” on this website for more information.

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