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A keynote presentation by Jack Bogut


The ability to communicate is crucial to any kind of success. The key to effective communications is to make an emotional connection with the listener and find common ground. Jack Bogut thinks there are five human hyperlinks that go directly to the brain of any person, young or old, male or female, superior or subordinate. Click on any one or all of these when you speak or write and your chances of making contact and reaching that person are greatly improved, because each link is part of a non-academic learning process that goes on throughout our lives. Professional educators call it, “The hidden curriculum!”

The five links are:

1. Joy

2. Fear

3. Judgment

4. Respect

5. Survival

In other words, in order to communicate effectively, you need to find and deliver the answers to these questions:

• What will make your listener or your audience happy?

• Within context, what are they afraid of and how can you help them deal with it?

• What kind of information or advice can you give that will help them formulate and make good judgment(s)?

• How do you show your listener that you respect them and foster their trust?

• How do you help them survive if things go wrong and/or they fail?

Click on any or all of these human hyperlinks with the “Magic Mouse” of storytelling, and you can communicate with anyone on a very personal, emotional level. Add a good sense of humor to that and it’s very hard to resist.

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